Massage and Holistic Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage

Ease aching muscles and alleviate stress with a deep tissue massage, customized to meet your needs. The replenishing oils will leave your skin feeling revitalized and nourished.

Back Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes)            £30.00

Back Neck, Shoulders & legs (45 minutes)   £40.00

Full Body (60 minutes)                                   £55.00

Aromatheraphy Massage

Using a combination of massage along with the power of essential oils allow yourself to be transported to a place of complete relaxation and rejuvenation for mind, body and soul.

Back Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes)          £35.00

Back Neck, Shoulders & legs (45 minutes)  £45.00

Full Body (60 minutes)                                 £55.00

Hot Stone Massage

Basalt river rocks are water heated then placed onto key points of the body, taking you to a place of complete relaxation. The hot stone massage therapy promotes deeper muscle relaxation, alleviating tension and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Back Neck & Shoulders (30 minutes)          £45.00

Back Neck, Shoulders & legs (45 minutes)  £55.00

Full Body (60 minutes)                                 £65.00


Indian Head Massage

This relaxing holistic treatment includes the back, neck and shoulders. The therapist uses acupressure massage to relieve you of tension and rebalance your body's energies.    

40 minutes                                                 £40.00

Body Polish & Glow

Sugar scrub buffs away dead skin cells to reveal a new layer that will be replenished using our rejuvenating oil. This treatment will leave you glowing.

Perfect for a pre holiday treat to ensure to achieve great tanning results!

Full scrub and massage (90 minutes)            £70.00

Scrub only (45 minutes)                                 £40.00

Oncology Massage

Some people worry that massage could cause cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body. Research has not found any evidence of this, cancer develops and spreads due to changes in a cell's DNA and other processes in the body.

Oncology massage uses light therapeutic touch to relax your mind and body. Some studies of people with cancer suggest massage therapy reduced symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression & fatigue.

Massage therapists will avoid areas affected by cancer such as tumour sites or lymph nodes. Talk to your cancer doctor or nurse if you are worried.

30 minutes                                            £40.00

60 minutes                                            £65.00