Lash Care & Removal Kit

Lash Care & Removal Kit


This luxurious kit is filled with oil-free products you can use to keep your lashes in good condition until your next appointment!


Kit includes: 

1x Lash Perfect Reusable Zip Cosmetics Bag

1x Lift Off Foaming Cleanser - works effectively to remove eye makeup and cleanse the eye area.

1x Black Mascara - is formulated for lash extensions, coating lashes to boost those needing an infill.

1x Easy Lift Gel Remover - is formulated to carefully and effectively remove eyelash extensions at home.

1x Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum - grooms lashes and brows whilst stimulating healthy hair growth, perfect for natural lashes when taking a lash break.

1x Eye Patches to use in the removal process.

1x Lash Cleansing Brush to use with the Lift Off Foaming Cleanser.

1 x Instruction Leaflet on how to remove lashes.